James Schaffer. It is the #1 neurotoxin. In many instances, the only willing takers are the exotic-animal dealers who fuel the often-illicit trade in the first place. In practical terms, according to my understanding, all this means that the Parapulser by generating a stronger induction current in the body acts mainly at the molecular level. That’s a special one you can’t order unless you’ve used a Terminator. And a science is going to catch up with it, you know, if you look at what black ops things like that, that’s all subtle energy, these new towers that you see everywhere, those are subtle energy weapons, subtle energy weapons there not for cell phones. 4.

I think the hand holds are good but have a tendency to only help the upper part of your body, so the footpads are the way to go. (See Sandi Radomski’s Allergy Antidotes). and people wonder why there is no peace in the world. Zapping heartworms I had Heart worms from dogs & My health has improved after using it. Many of the messages were republished (sometimes with embellishment) on Web sites, in news group postings, and in other e-mail messages by other Clark allies and supporters. Wish we could figure this out. Meditation, reading the Bible and prayer – to start the day, usually first thing in the morning while zapping.

My son also had a significant athletes foot problem after using the standard parazapper in spite of both of us taking probiotics and eating yogurt. CLEAN THE DISCS occasionally with a paste form of copper cleaner from the grocery or hardware store. Also, if you dilute 3 drops in 8oz distilled water (tap water binds with metals in it) and use all on your outside body (with spray bottle mainly on your back or spine and hip area) it works well too, and after it dries I use DMSO cream to hip and back area and it seems to cure genital herpes even though not directly on that area. In the many years since Dr. The advantage is that the pulsating current reaches the total animal including its teeth, saliva, brain, bowel content, urine, feces, eyes and other unreachable areas. The total price from Anne Bernard in Petaluma, CA was $2700. They are making too much money with these toxic medications that they are selling leaving HIV/ AIDS victims no other choice but to take just to have “some” quality of temporary life, they know that if a cure was to come into effect they would have to make it cost efficient and in doing that they would loose millions of dollars that’s just common sense, but neverhteless whether some people want to believe it or not…a cure for HIV/AIDS actually does exist and probably has for a long time and for the government to keep it under wraps and keep distributing those dangerous and toxic medications is just terrible…

She also gave her daughter 1 teaspoon colloidal silver daily. Pretty cool right? We also screen patients for heavy metals, environmental chemicals, molds and electromagnetic stressors, “Brain allergies,” food sensitivities, hormone disorders, diet and numerous other variables which can influence cognitive and affective function. If users begin to feel sick or get injured in some manner, they should begin using the Longevity Zapper immediately. That static field is characterized by a deficit of free electrons, hence the presence of acidic toxins. Any zapper seems to quickly resolve an actual cold and flu by destroying the virus or bacteria in the body within a few minutes. Using this setup, he cured himself.

500 /- 30 min – M.R.P.: RS. Clark, this is because of problems with insulating chemicals within the body, heavy metals and PCBs, these insulating chemicals shield all or parts of the body from receiving any electricity. Enjoy your day and watch comedy or weird funny show that can make your laugh! I understand that the active probe must be well insulated otherwise it may cause a nasty burn. For the most part it is because the technology is Public Domain. I knew I wouldn’t. Hulda Clark discovered ways to boost her immune system with herbs, minerals, amino acids, and electronic frequencies.

The RRP price is 20GBP for hard edition, however you can get e-book for free from our Manuals section. Pulsed magnetic fields create microcurrents in lymph and other tissue. The tests I performed for detecting cancer markers (some tests to detect by-products of the metabolism of the cancer cells) are going down meaning that the cancer cell activity is decreasing, and in one patient it fell from 245 to almost zero. But resonant frequencies, in addition to producing music can also cause objects to shake so uncontrollably that their stability is undermined. I did get a little wiggle in the fluid in my eye the first time when zapping with a fungus zapper though.