As you can see, one of them was so weak and dehydrated, she didn’t even bother to right herself until she had a good long drink. This seasonal pool was used in the past as a breeding pond for western toads, but in the recent drought there hasn’t been enough water for the eggs to hatch and metamorphose. we finally got a chance to make it to one of the spots we were told to try for my number one target species of the trip LEPIDUS. Enjoy! At most I’ve only seen 3 adults at a single time, occupied with 2 neonates. Apart from all the amazing reptiles and frogs, we were treated to sightings of Meerkats, an Otter, beautiful wild flowers, and a whole stack of wonderful birds! by Bill Gorum on One of the more significant landmarks in my part of New Mexico.

Amateur and professional practitioners of field herpetology use the technique of setting out cover objects in promising habitats. I then turned down a road that I had yet to check that day and saw this beauty of a Southern Pine Snake stretched right out in the middle of the road. She reluctantly agreed. Closer to noon, Cary and Isaiah found a desert striped whipsnake on the road as well. With variable dedication and skill, though, but most of us found at least one snake, whereas one hero found 24. I actually got a good view of the snake as it headed higher, but I could not get better photos. formosensis, P.

Many of the common species were seen (AOR and DOR). Can get pretty large. Not all Amazon grasshoppers have such standard grasshopper shapes. When getting a tour of the place, I saw an Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) dart into the wall of one of the houses (which I pointed out to my tour guide, and he was pretty relaxed about it saying that I’d probably see more of them). What a special day! We waded out into the water, noting numerous chorus frog egg masses. I spent quite a bit of time working with a field guide training academy (, educating the students about my snakes and frogs.

In Ranomafana though they are extremely common. During that time, herping wasn’t really an option, however, I was able to do a little road cruising on my favorite road in the country the night before we headed back down to Florida. So far it has eluded capture and marking. Near where we found the longtail salamander, I spotted a tiny hatchling green salamander in a sandstone boulder. Lots of lizards seemed to find the trail a perfect basking spot. This in-situ shot of a green anole on a barbed wire cactus quickly became one of my favorite photographs of the year. Four total were seen rummaging about in the muck and the mire.

I had heard that there were petroglyphs in the area, but it was especially exciting to basically stumble upon them while conducting our transect. We recorded anatomical variables and signs of previous conflicts (we got one with a perfect circular bite mark from a Red Belly Piranha). The male I hand caught after it ran under a flippable rock that it was basking on. After arriving in Mauritius I took a short boat trip from the mainland to the island off the southeast coast. Sure enough, I look at the tree that it flew towards…and had my first flying dragon. I was worried we wouldn’t get to see any herps at these chilly temps, but man, was I in for a surprise. Moving on a few days I arrived at work to find that a co-worker pulled a young common snapper off of our driveway where an adult Eastern Ribbon Snake had been hit the day before.

I got excited about going cruising the first night before the rest of the crowd started to trickle in, and although the other 3 weren’t so keen, based on the forecast, and the local expert (the hotel manager) saying it was a bad idea to leave as the storm was going to hit by 10 pm, we went out anyways. We were visiting relatives in southern California and since I was already on vacation, we managed to squeeze a day in between the beach and Magic Mountain. Second, meet important contacts who will help facilitate my doing research here on this trip. Originally $45, I am selling it for $15 plus shipping and handling. The elevation gradient there is amazing. Please ensure you read any forum rules as you navigate around the board. Considering it’s a small town we always find the time to walk the local cemetery and I usually flip up the odd eft or ravine salamander but this time it was different.