Personally, I would stick with the can vents. This resulted in the addition of soffit vents along with the existing roof or gable vents. I am concerned about one thing though. That’s what prompted me to ask the question. The states are also scaled to reflect the total number of patents, and colored to reflect the number of patents relative to the number of inhabitants. On both the “before” test day (the unbalanced attic ventilation system) and the “after” test day (the balanced attic ventilation system) thermo-graphic photo and temperature readings were taken during 12-hour periods. TRADEMARKS AND SERVICE MARKS All product or service names used on the Site are trademarks of the Company unless otherwise indicated.

Sweepstakes and Contests When you enter a contest or other promotional event offered at this Site, we may ask for your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Adequate attic ventilation reduces the amount of initial melting that occurs on your roof, thereby reducing the chance that ice dams will form. I recommended that the ridge vent be replaced and installed properly, there was only about 10 feet of vent that might be functioning, and to replace the duct work. Too many times, homeowners install products that short-circuit their ventilation system. Some of this water vapor rises into the attic. An attic ventilator with an electric fan is a motorized system connected to a thermostat. Two products that I recommend to achieve this are: The Edge Vent & Shingle Vent II.

Since there was no ceiling damage, we did nothing. There can be TOO MUCH exhaust ventilation on a house. When I had the roof quoted, I went with the most expensive to assure a quality job. Soffit vents and five common attic vents are the basic methods of attic ventilation encountered or recommended by home inspectors. In snow country, ridge vents may be blocked by drifting snow during the winter and therefore unable to work correctly. Run another 3/8″ bead of flexible caulk along the top of all vent pieces. Call up the insurance carrier and find out if their are any exemptions or limitations or exclusions on the policy.

I’m not a proponent of Cobra vent. You might want to check the attic occasionally when it’s raining to see if there is any water coming in the ridge vent. Sexual abuse should always be developed, it is presented with a possible genital herpes in children into consideration. Air temperatures would drop but surface temperatures would not drop much due to the radiant heat gain. If you are considering a power roof mounted attic fan, we strongly recommend selecting one that comes equipped with a humidistat such as the Power Cool Plus by Air Vent. When the wind direction is perpendicular to the ridge, it strikes the external baffle and jumps over the ridge. The power roof vent is the better system.

Somewhere on this and other forums, I have visual proof that the Shingle Vent II Ridge Vent performs even when a fresh 14″ snow fall has occurred, which shows quite clearly that the new fallen snow has melted at the ridge vent exhaust portals, while keeping the main pack of snow on the remainder of the roof surface, eliminating the typical icicle formation and ice damming problems that had been prevalent previously. On a scientific level, one could get a fog maker or smoke bomb and try to observe the differences between the side with the cut vs. The reality is, that would take far too much guessing to have any faith in the conclusion. exhaust). So I am thinking of installing Hip Ridge Vent (say, 8 feet down each of the four 25 feet long hip ridges). The benefits of an appropriate combination of attic ventilation; exhaust fan venting to the exterior and insulation are widely accepted. We have increased soffit ventilation already as siding was replaced.

This even distribution is also ideal for ventilating any vapor that has gotten past the vapor barrier, but is not essential for that vapor removal function. One solution is to use the natural circulation caused by hot air rising to bring fresh air into the attic through soffit vents under the eaves, then expel the hot air through ridge or gable vents near the peak of the roof. Two inches of foam board is only R-10 (if it’s XPS) or R-12 (if it’s polyiso). It installs on the peak of the roof, allowing exhaust ventilation along the entire ridge — end-to-end. Here’s what causes them and how to prevent them. If you are suspect of any unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights on this webpage, please report it to us at the Enter your model number to make sure this fits.

Prices, promotions, styles, and availability may vary. My home sits toward the bottom of a slight decline, in a relatively open field.