It adds new meaning to drive through that’s for sure. They have the HSV badge on the left and the VXR badge on the right in the same place as our vauxhall vehicles. is it the fuel pump or the belt? Auto lights are very sensitive and if i’m going down a country lane then they are on and off a bit when going under tree’s and bridges. WHOAA!! That’s helped by a fabulous close-ratio, six-speed manual that hurls the Ford in front of the SRi in a straight line. Then it was time for some power cable to be run through, and the rear end to get ripped out.

Visit the GM Authority forum today! 3 Yes, if only because UK CV8s all had over long gearing, the 6.0 has shorter gearing as well as the enhanced engine. Successful enough for upper management at General Motors to take notice and make serious inquiries to a similar performance division in the United States once upon a time. Thanks for replies. By comparison, 245’s in the dry are totally safe if driving normally. Got towed home by R.A.C. Yes it is occasionally a little disappointing that the performance is not all conquering, but hard comparisons suggest GMs power claims are a tad optimistic and after all the aftermarket tuners seem to be able to make big gains just with remaps etc.

The two versions of the Monaro sold in the UK – both pre and post bonnet scoop – were imported to exactly that tune, meaning a total of just under a 1000 Monaros on English roads. Cool….. I found lots of info & YouTube clips about noisy valvetrain ie lifters & followers but nothing on the issue of revised parts. Not sure what to do with the sat nav at the moment – it needs a disc to work, but could potentially double up as some sort of media unit – needs some more investigation. think they would look smart mate Hate the white alloys… I realised during this I only took one photograph! A full set of 245x40x18 Y-rated Pirelli Pzero Rossos, two of which have more that 6mm of tread left on them.

information contained in it may no longer be current . Nothing to really indicate to the driver that you are handling a turbo vehicle, that is until the boost hits. Yes I know it came with better gearing but that was Vauxhall’s cock up, not Holden’s original plan. The driving position was perfect for a tall driver like me as I could put the seat back a lot further than I can in the Z and staighten my legs a little to make heel – toe manouvers feel a lot more natural than they do in the Z. Yeah if you floor it off the line you’re just gonna spin the wheels, but you don’t need your foot flat to the floor. Our OPC models stand for outstanding performance and pure passion,” explained Opel Group CEO Dr. 18 hours: 900 cr.

I have looked at the old shape Mazda 3 MPS on a few ocasions but the tax was its downfall at 450 per year. Except I know my tuning stays correct without me having to change the ecu setup every time I fill up with fuel. The whole reason I went for this one over the rest was the fact of the twin turbo conversion as I love the way that they drive and the sound of the dump valve. I’m working toward the silver charcoal-black & shinny theme. I’ve managed to locate what looks like a good repairer, but before i go contacting them, I want to give them as much info as poss. Just check out one customers figures and graph below to see the gains that were achieved! HSV Badges – It came debadged, except for the VXR8 badge Stripes – Not sure on this one, what do you think?

Also if you want an apples to apples pricing, go look at what a car that is sold here costs and then look there. £80 for a set (including locking ones) seems a bit much for what they are to me lol. I assume that you cannot buy OEM mudflaps for the VXR due to the body kit, therefore what about aftermarket mudflaps, had anyone got them fitted, if so where to buy or even better a link would be great. The network consists of the largest network of enthusiast-owned enthusiast-operated automotive communities. Unlike the likes of terraclean, this system passes hydrogen through the intake, rather than cleaning agents through the fuel which would do nothing for the carbon issues. I love the performance specs, but that colour is simply terrible!!! ….Maybe – Okay I admit I’m a fan of Land Rover so I might end up defending it to death, so I should stop before I reach a ridiculous state of exasperation.