For women with recurrent genital herpes where the risk of neonatal herpes is very low, the guidelines state that vaginal delivery should be anticipated if there is no other reason to have a caesarean section. Detection of nucleic acid (DNA) by amplification techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), using nested techniques. Our friendly and welcoming staff are here to make your visit to our sexual health clinics as easy as it can be – if it helps here are some frequently asked questions about the service. The identification of rectal polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMNLs) from rectal swabs is predictive of LGV proctitis, especially in HIV-positive MSM, with levels of >10 and >20 PMNLs per high-power field both shown to be significant. STI 2015;91(Suppl 1). FPA is not responsible for the content. We thank the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme for the funding for the module.

What are the key features from the history? Criteria for being a Named or Lead Trainer for SHAs will be clarified after the completion of the Pilot. The majority of the guidelines were then reviewed a second time by another clinical expert before being presented to the Editorial Subcommittee. J. If a man has HIV, having untreated NSU could make it more likely he will pass on HIV during unprotected sex. Strengthening the quality of health service delivery and expansion of health service coverage is mandatory. Our highly trained staff aim to ensure that patients only have to tell their often embarrassing or distressing story once.

Teenage pregnancy rates in Hartlepool have declined remarkably but are still well above the England average. If the virus levels in your blood are high, you may also be offered medication during pregnancy, to give your baby even more protection (NICE 2013). It is ubiquitous DNA virus belonging to the family of Herpesviridae and it is commonly found in the lumbosacral ganglia in the latent phase [1, 2]. You’ll be referred to a doctor who specialises in the treatment of chronic hepatitis. Teenage pregnancy rates in Redcar and Cleveland are higher than the England average although teenage pregnancy rates have declined by 39% since 1998. Lancet. They would not be aware they have the infection.

The proportion of late diagnoses was over 50% and the highest in the North East. Latex condoms are the most effective but for those who are sensitive to latex, condoms made of polyurethane also help to reduce the risk. Although SRE is mandatory in primary schools in England, it currently focuses only on biology, including puberty, reproduction and fertility. Third or late stage (tertiary syphilis) – years later, syphilis can seriously damage your heart, brain and nervous system. The decrease of diagnosed chlamydia infections demonstrates a need for increased, targeted chlamydia testing. A detailed history and examination are often enough to decide whether further investigations are needed or the patient can be discharged with reassurance. (2012).

Pregnant women with warts should be reassured that there is very little risk to their baby. Rates for all these STIs were below the South West and England average. Listed below are various important ways in which you can reduce your risk of catching an STI. As part of a wider digital strategy we are making substantial improvements to the NICE website that will increase the speed in which users can find relevant guidance. However, she is convinced that her husband is having an affair so she is worried she has a sexually transmitted infection. Commissioning by local authorities should encompass open access Sexual Health services for everyone present in the locality, whether resident or not. Risk assessment and sexual history taking are described.

Offer sexual health screening as appropriate for their sexual history to sexually active people who are from countries with an HIV rate of ≤1%. Those travelling without a steady partner should be aware of the risks, casual sex abroad often happens, even when it is not planned. She has been married for 10 years and has had the same sexual partner for the past 13 years. The condition is most commonly caused by a sexually transmitted infection. If left untreated, epididymo-orchitis can lead to chronic epididymo-orchitis (when persistent inflammation of the testicles leads to recurring testicular pain), testicular abscesses (pus collection within the testicles) or testicular atrophy (shrinking of the testicles). ‘Super gonorrhoea’ Recently a strain of so-called ‘super gonorrhoea’ has been on the rise in England. Our staff are able to provide advice and treatment to people of all ages in a confidential manner.

The symptoms of Chlamydia vary, for example in males the individual can experience a soreness or pain in the testicular area, burning sensation during urination or a white, cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis. Syphilis can be passed from one person to another during sex and by direct skin contact with someone who has syphilis sores or rash.