If you find yourself clumsier with pregnancy, it’s a boy. If it’s just straight lines, then you are having a boy. If you’re finding those extra kilos are settling around your bottom and thighs, then a girl is coming. The chart can also be used to select baby gender. One of the more ridiculous tales is that the direction your pillow faces can be used to predict the sex of your developing baby. Have pretty bad morning sickness? According to the same Canadian researchers who did the Drano test, the Lunar Calendar is no more accurate at predicting a baby’s gender (50/50) than a random guess.

Another doctor’s method was equally nonsensical and even less useful. A recent meta-analysis on sex differences in osteoarthritis using clinical markers as the case definition (not pain) indicated that females are at significantly increased risk for osteoarthritis (OA) in the knee and hand compared with males.382 Several studies have documented sex differences in pain prevalence, ratings, and depression in OA, and we will review selected studies below. Oral sex is safer if you use a ‘dental dam’ (a square of latex or cling film) to stop any vaginal fluid or menstrual blood getting into your mouth. Again, this one happened even before pregnancy. 19. If the sperm contains a Y chromosome, the baby will be a boy (XY). It will be impossible to completely insulate yourself from the risk of illness when you are pregnant.

There again, I never turn down a good chocolate chip cookie (or cupcake for that matter)…holiday or not. Or, if you want to really spice things up, try reversing this position by facing away from him while he’s sitting up and supporting your tummy. When will the cramps stop? Natural pain relief options can certainly help relieve pain. Open and honest communication can help you get through any problem. You only need to add an extra 300 calories to your diet. Pregnant or planning a pregnancy?

Buy her sexy lingerie. 10. The smell develops, and the baby can even feel the smell of the mom’s meal. Sadly for believers of this theory, where you carry your baby has a lot more to do with your build, your weight and your baby’s position. You may worry about kick-starting labor prematurely, but that won’t happen unless your cervix is ripe and ready to go. Others can actually pinpoint the moment when the embryo implants within the wall of their womb. Couples who would be happy with either gender should have sex every other day leading up to ovulation and on the day of just to be safe.

“Non-medical factors may contribute to hospital admission,” according to the researchers. Compared to girls, boys had 27 percent higher odds of preterm birth between 20 and 24 weeks’ gestation; 24 percent greater risk for birth between 30 and 33 weeks; and 17 percent higher odds for delivery at 34 to 36 weeks, the study found. So acknowledge them out loud to yourself and to your partner, and let him do the same. Hang your wedding ring from a strand of the father’s hair over your belly. All eggs and half of all sperm contain X chromosomes; the other half of sperm have Y chromosomes. Sex Is Stellar For many women, sex improves for at least part of pregnancy. Then one night when she was 20 weeks pregnant, she felt a hard, lumpy vein in her vaginal area while bathing.

The success rate for this strategy of choosing the sex of your child, says Young, can be as high as two chances in three (about 67%), if done properly. The hardening of the bone is a long and complex procedure that continues after the baby is born and even into his adulthood. My moment of reckoning? The flood of hormones in your body in early pregnancy can also make you very emotional and perhaps more partial to a cuddle and emotional intimacy rather than physical intercourse. “Whenever there is any bleeding in pregnancy, you have to know where the source is,” said Dr. Just like a home pregnancy kit, you can tell the sex of your baby by the colour match of the test. For many women, and their partners, this difference is exciting.

According to feminine lore, guys simply don’t handle pain well. Sex is used to sell everything from chocolate to soap. If you want to welcome a bundle of pink, can tweaking your diet in other ways boost the chances? Speculum: An instrument inserted into the vagina to allow the doctor to view the inside of the vagina. Med ART Studios Explore More Baby’s Development Finally, your baby’s arms, legs, and trunk have caught up to the size of his head. If you’ve been pregnant before, it is possible to feel movements or “quickening” from around 14 weeks.