All Brake Caliper slides and slide pins are zinc coated for corrosion protection. I had a 2009 SIDI ute in 6 speed manual, atomic green and for some reason sold it. To spice things up, HSV has applied a black finish on the door surrounds as well as for the lower door accenting. Wheels are Zumbo Vaige 20×8 and 20×10. If you want one of these, you’d best get in quick — with just six to be available in New Zealand, at a starting price of NZ$86,490, we’re sure they’ll sell well in advance of landing. During a launch event that kicked off on Victoria’s highways, before letting loose on the ocean-side circuit, we sampled each of the Holden Special Vehicles machines based on the new Commodore – from the cheapest Maloo through to an engineering prototype of the upcoming GTS, the most powerful Holden yet. Please enter a number less than or equal to 210.

On the way into work this morning, both those bolts on the driver’s side apparently backed out. That is just my opinion, so if that doesn’t resonate with any of you, than I guess we’re different and that is that! The Cadillac CTS-V is due a mid-cycle refresh for the 2016 model year. 9.4 was the best 25k run the computer displayed when I changed the range down to 25! All parts are available on Amazon, but many retailers are not willing to ship to Australia. Think matte finishes are soooo 2012? The 6-piston V calipers are used with 15″ rotors.

Rust / corrosion seems to be a weak point. Performance and acceleration times on the GTS are yet to be announced. However, the Dealer and its providers do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the data. We provide a standard of ongoing training to make sure that the employees of this Company surpass the industry levels of professionalism. Any components which do not meet reconditioning standards are replaced. The line-up features familiar names, with the ClubSport sedan, Maloo ute and Tourer wagon all carrying over along with the enhanced R8 line, luxury Senator Signature, long-wheelbase Grange, and the high-performance GTS. Used foam lance first then after the rinse, clayed her off with the HD Prep Towel (thanks Daniel).

Porsche also introduces extended-wheelbase Executive trims for the Panamera 4S and Panamera Turbo, which add nearly 5 inches of legroom for second-row passengers. that goes yellow, ridiculous rear spoiler, & a drivetrain that was identical to other HSVs of the same era. The first, named SV Black will be based on the current Maloo R8 and supercharged ClubSport R8, and will begin production from June. Have a go and share your creation with us on Facebook. All Brake Caliper slides and slide pins are zinc coated for corrosion protection. Agree, not sure where the bad image came from. Silver/brembo are now being installed to the HSV GXP edition in OZ.

I carry white & red subaru decals. So I am trying to figure out what color to paint my calipers on my SRM. Little did we know, but GM had a popular group of performance vehicles in Australia under the Holden name brand. You’ll hand over more to get into the feature-packed Competizione models however, which are priced from $36,500 for the hatch and $39,000 for the cabrio (a little more than the $38,990 Essesse cabrio it replaces). The G2 paint system holds up great. Buyers can choose between a combination which matches a matte black upper portion with glossy lower body paint, or glossy black upper with matte paint on the lower section. While the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 unlocks 55kW/50Nm above a standard $300K GT S to 430kW/700Nm, and helps deliver a 3.6sec 0-100km/h and 318km/h top speed, this road-racer is about maximising the potential of its sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s.

That legitimises Brembo rear install in certain States. Still looks extraordinary written down now doesn’t it! There are the obvious badges, yellow brake calipers, a special Michael Schumacher plaque inside and an exhaust system “modified to sound exactly like a Ferrari”. UNDER 5,000KMS, 6 Speed Manual, Sat Nav, Reversing Camera, Log Book History, EDI, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert. There isn’t enough difference visually between models I believe. If I had SB paint on mine I’d go with either a SB powder or …pewter metalic or just pewter, think it would look great! Start with a very rare VN Calais 5 Litre manual.

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 is a sport pickup truck that was produced by American automaker Dodge in limited numbers. Noobie here on JC, but here is a look at my baby and it’s on-going modifications.. Holden Ute HSV Maloo (E Series 2) front bumper, fog lights and headlight with LED daytime running light. As most of you Know I lost my daughter just a few short weeks ago now and I have been throwing myself into the rebuild of my VT wagon for some therapy…