Home repair questions should be addressed to Bernard Gladstone, care of The New York Times Syndication Sales Corp., 200 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. This method detects HSV genetic material in a patient’s sample from the blister, blood, or other fluid, such as spinal fluid. What I did with my last old house. So follow the manufacturer’s directions and wear goggles and protective clothing. The same applies to high-traffic areas such as steps, porch floors, and cast-iron ornamentation. Then apply one or two coats of an oil or alkyd base masonry surface conditioner (a type of masonry primer often recommended for use over chalky surfaces). Choosing Between Latex vs.

This often works on the type of film that is left by chemicals in the water. Just pour in your cleanser of choice, set your desired cleanser-to-water ratio, then spray the mildew treatment wherever you need it. Once the roof was dry (I let it dry overnight) I sprayed the entire house, inside and out, with a spray sealant to protect the wood and paint from being outdoors in the rain and sun. “It’s very unpredictable,” says John G. Are there any significant advantages/disadvantages to semi-transparent vs. We will return in 8-10 years (average life of a paint job in Portland) to wash again, check caulking and knot holes, and apply another two coats of stain. My wife and I recently tried to paint our bathroom.

And there is something called R&R (rebutted and resided) to be on the lookout for. The installation of insulation is a matter of personal choice. You can get it in a natural tone. Any time you are painting a nonporous surface such as aluminum siding, you should use a top quality primer and acrylic paint. Nearly every manufacturer has included this type of elastomeric in their product line. Cons: Unless you’re using ”green” products, expect to smell paint fumes from the moment you open the can until the paint dries completely. This includes sidewalks, decks and fences.

Old, weathered wood that is moist and spongy is said to suffer from “damp” or “wet” rot. Low interior moisture levels, good venting systems, wide roof overhangs and the proper control of vegetation next to the house. Our team would be happy to discuss your project. Paint the red cedar shanks with the wood stain using a vertical motion. Your best option is to leave it exposed and start in the spring. How important is it to have a very clean surface before painting? Usually a good pre-paint cleaning with some Liquid TSP Substitute will do the job of removing dirt and grime just fine.

Wood, especially cedar, holds a lot of chemicals, some which flow to the surface and right through several coats of exterior paint. Painting a lighter shade over a darker tone may require two coats. Not sure that ever got off the ground. The next row should be about 1/2″ above the first, overlapping the first row. Start shingling the roof just the way you always do. There are roof paints for various types of roofs. If primer is sprayed on, “back-brushing” it immediately by hand will work the coating into every crack and crevice.

These fluctuations may cause paint finishes to chip and crack, and over time puts stress on caulked seams around windows, doors, and at corners. Given that principle, wouldn’t it make sense to ditch the dark-colored shingles on your roof? Some folks swear by the double pan method. Let us know why you want to flip them over. Simply email RGT at info@realgoodtoys.com. Want to paint whole thing. We are using a Cabot weathering stain on red cedar shingles with just less than 6 inches of exposure, and have already purchased the shingles so buying pre-stained versions is, alas,  not an option.

There are always businesses that stand out from the rest, and that describes Foothill Painting very well. I can’t think of the cleaning agent, but you can buy it at any home improvement stores to clean your roof with. New storm windows are being installed on the outside of the house, and planting is finishing up in the newly designed front yard. Want to use this product in your remodeling or construction project? ok,here we go again, the pictures of the colors on the 1st picture are not the true colors…they look greige, but are actually dark tan or what the paint store calls taupe…….more of a brown with just a whisper of grey…now i am really going down to the wire,,,,,,should i paint the house grey? Original Krud Kutter cleans what ordinary cleaners simply can’t. When your baby first arrived, your family was overjoyed of having a new baby in the house.

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