I also now have a Twitter account (@Herpvet), facebook page and LinkedIn Page where I will post news and service updates as well as exotic animal info and links to interesting articles – please feel free to visit them, like/follow and/or leave any comments (on any of the sites). Also, don’t let the distance to a really qualified veterinarian deter you. This is a listing site made up completely of recommended vets. ABVP Diplomates have proven knowledge and expertise beyond what is required to practice veterinary medicine. When you go to vet school you don’t get to pick your species. If your vet knows so little about blue-tongues, are we certain that he knows for sure the blood work was “normal”? Comments: Dr.

Call 504.835.4266 to schedule your reptile’s first visit! Take your herp to the veterinarian, buy some UV lights, read up on this disease, and provide a better diet. If there’s an emergency, you want to make sure you can get your pet to the vet as quickly as possible. Every veterinary program includes some coursework on herptiles, because, as Melissa Kaplan notes, veterinarians are expected to have “passing familiarity” with reptiles. These are specific for different types of reptiles and minor deficiencies can result in major health problems. We love helping these pets, knowing that many patients are saved when we work with them to effect a successful treatment or cure. Of course, I had several dozen pets—mostly reptiles—and when they would get sick, it was painful to fork over money to a vet to try to get them fixed.

Teamwork is a constant in our daily practice. I received several recommendations from friends when one of my balls had an upper respiratory infection. Frye, DVM This is the better bound version of Reptile Care (marketed to veterinarians) and may contain some revisions as it is described by the publisher as “2nd edition” Suggested for vet students or obsessive book collectors. I have 100% confidence in this doctor’s service. Using the most modern equipment, the patient’s vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures. If you cannot find someone with experience, see if you can locate a vet willing to utilize the consultation service offered by most of the larger veterinary diagnostic labs. We can perform a physical examination, answer any questions you may have about your pet, and discuss whether any changes in diet or at-home care are recommended to help ensure your pet’s health and longevity.

I followed his instructions and my collared lizard died 4 days later during the weekend. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, graduating with highest honors, at Ross University in St. In 1982, she joined with Dr. And what should be in a herp first aid kit? But, good first aid care can and should be employed whenever a herp suffers from an injury involving the skin and possibly the underlying tissues. To be true to this mission the hospital team relies on several individuals, where each team member is equally important in helping us deliver the best patient and client experience for both you and your pet. Learning includes all facets of veterinary medicine from Laser surgery for the Docs, to microscopic sample examination for the Techs, to management and customer care for the Receptionists!

Regardless of species, all lizards can carry Salmonella bacteria; thus, their cages and feeding bowls should be kept away from human food, and any surface they have contact with outside of their enclosures should be disinfected. We use sevoflurane due to it’s increased safety. We offer exotic animal referrals to Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton Massachusetts, and The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint Hyacinthe Quebec. Dr. You haven’t given me a lot to go on, but I’ll try to help you sort this out. Her current weight is about 1300 grams. Prior to our appointment, I was reading information on the Internet about this MBD so that I had the awareness of what the disease was and treatments.

If there is something you need, let us know, we can get it. Keeping pets is a privilege and ongoing responsibility, not a right. In the future, you may see vets promoting themselves at Reptile Trade Fairs following the recent success of these events in Melbourne and Sydney. Click here for some basic tutorials on safe venomous snake handling and restraint. All sites will open in a new window. Vets need lots of experience in treating exotic species to become a certified herp veterinarian, and the only way to accuire it is through practice. She went to veterinary school specifically to work with unusual species, and has focused her career on them ever since.

When the blood work and the stool sample results came back, the vet said my skink had neither parasites nor infections.

Costs can depend on factors such as where you live, the age and breed of your pet, and how much coverage you want. Shawn to give your pet the best care possible that he knows how to do. She has been with The Pet Clinic, P.C. Swelling that threatens the integrity of the spinal nerves or the airway may be reduced with corticosteroids, but this may interfere with the healing process and is not recommended except under these circumstances. Dosages should be confirmed prior to dispensing medications. Look for DVMs who appear to maintain actual veterinary offices that you could contact. The pet’s environmental temperature MUST be controlled by the owner during transportation.

You can call a few veterinary clinics that don’t see reptiles and ask them who they refer herps to. I decided to go to this office instead of going to my other vet b/c of numerous recommendations. After that I started my graduate degree in Biology with a focus in Herpetology and for two field seasons studied the natural history and habitat selection of green salamanders, a stated listed species, in Alabama. The prolapsed tissue is most likely a portion of the shell gland, also called the oviduct, because your beardie has recently laid eggs (also called oviposition). I don’t know if you are offering the adult breeder females the occasional pinky mouse, for example. Sometimes, I will then send home the rest of the doses to save the owner from additional time and expense, once precise dosing has been calculated, based on the snake’s body weight in grams (using a good quality gram scale and not an inexpensive food scale, for example). It is very nice that you have taken an interest in your grandson’s pet chameleon.

Somewhere down the road, these fat savannahs develop disease (kidney, liver, etc.) and stop eating. Once a veterinarian knows you and your animals, it is often possible to get help over the phone. However, they did help somewhat for my identification. Ivan Alfonso DVM, of Orlando Florida. Some of these intestinal parasites require an intermediate host, such as the earthworm, slug or fish in order for the definitive host to develop them. Selected Publications: Levy MG, Powers LV, Gore KC, Marr HS. As you can see, there can be many causes of leopard gecko eye problems, so if a simple eye flush with saline doesn’t take care of the problem, I would strongly recommend you seek the assistance of a herp veterinarian who can diagnose and treat the problem.

If you’d like to sign up or a free account please contact us or feel free browse through our pharmacy at this link – littlecrittersvet.vetsfirstchoice.com All food is shipped free with the auto ship function as are all medications over $49.99. When a beardie reaches his happy high temperature, he may open his mouth in a gape. Reptiles that lay eggs are called oviparous. I run a reduced rate scheme for regular clients, with reduced price consults and out of hours fees – see below. Crickets should optimally be gut-loaded, which means that prior to offering them to your leopard gecko, you should place the crickets in a container with powdered nutrients that the crickets feed on so they have a gastrointestinal tract full of extra nutrients that will benefit your leopard gecko. Oladipo is also pastor a growing church in the south of Edmonton. I am hoping that the lack of wanting to eat is because of the expenditure of energy that it requires to catch the crickets.

As with just about all creatures on this planet, a diet consisting of only one food item is cause for concern. One hormone, called calcitonin salmon, can really speed up recovery by causing the bones to stabilize and heal more rapidly. Located in Virginia Beach Dr. I thought that sounded like mouth rot, but there is no cottage cheeselike discharge and no spots. I am very concerned about your Texas collared lizard, and I suggest that you make an appointment immediately with a herp veterinarian to have your lizard examined and treated. Evaluating a herp by the dryness of the nose is not any way to accurately assess its condition, just as a dog having a cold, wet nose versus a dry nose is really not any way to tell if a dog is sick or not. Water temperature is 78f and basking is 85f.

We also provide therapeutic as well as routine health-maintenance treatments geared toward keeping your prized pets and animals in top condition. Additional services are provided for your convenience – overnight boarding, grooming, day care, house calls, and others. Is there anything else I can do to get my ball python to eat? Because everyone here loves animals, the team members at All Pet Care Hospital in Clearwater continually develop new ways to complement our service and your pet’s well being.

Before you take out a pet insurance policy, you’ll want to meet with your vet to go over what he or she thinks your animal should be covered for. Christine K. since 1983. Learn more about Fluids and Fluid Therapy in Reptiles from Melissa Kaplan’s Herp Care collection. Pet owners should try to ensure their pets do not get cold or hot during transport. You can also call around to some local pet retailers and ask who they use as a reptile veterinarian. I MUST STRESS that I was lucky enough to get an appointment.

Getting to work in different ecosystems with all different organisms especially herps. However, it could also be tissue from the gastrointestinal tract, the colon. Waxworms are very high in fat and can be offered to help put weight on “the girls,” but I think that you should have them examined by your herp vet. The owner must be able to safely administer injections, after being shown by my staff how to correctly do it, and where to inject, as well. Thanks for writing. Now this fat lizard is a prime candidate to develop a fatty liver. (7) Many veterinarians have payment plans to help distribute the cost of expensive treatments over several months.

Your basilisk has some sort of dermatitis, which means inflammation of the skin, but unfortunately, that does not provide a diagnosis as to what is causing the dermatitis. Dr. Ascarids are fairly easy to diagnose through fecal parasite examination, performed by your herp veterinarian. Spironucleus meleagridis, an enteric diplomonad protozoan of cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus): Preliminary molecular characterization and association with clinical disease. Occasionally, if the penis damage is extensive, it could be necessary to amputate the organ. This is normal behavior during basking. Some reptiles bear live young, and the term for this is viviparous.

invertebrates (if you have a tarantula, scorpion, snail, millipede, mantis or other pet species). This information is important for me to know in order to evaluate the lizard’s living conditions. The bandaging will greatly help to keep the wound clean during transportation. Is there anything else that I should be doing to help him out? The more variety in the diet, the better the chance it will not suffer from a nutritional deficiency or imbalance. If your vet feels that additional treatment with calcitonin is warranted, it can dramatically change the outcome of the disease in some cases. Johnson and the staff at Birdneck Animal Hospital are committed to your pet’s health.

Mouth rot doesn’t explain the shaking. If you don’t have a vet for your reptile, you can call local breeders or pet retailers and ask who they recommend as a herp vet in your area or you can call a couple of local dog and cat vets who do not treat herps, and ask who they recommend in your area for herp medicine. Crackly breathing is not a good thing. I use prime to dechlorinate the water. If you have any questions concerning the health of your pet, please feel free to call us. A  . We practice evidence-based medicine.

I don’t know what to do now. He developed a swelling in his left foreleg/arm, and I went to the vet. Terry by a local exotic pet store. Quarantine is a set period of time that an animal is completely isolated from others. Many of the health issues that arise in exotic pets can be due to their unique husbandry needs. Please note that we are not veterinarians. It has not grown or changed since I bought it.

Veterinarians.com provides updated information on reptile vets in Long Island, NY. The sign of busy hospital is the sign of a trusted hospital. I bought a baby red-eared slider a month ago. Here you will find articles and information that we find important for people to see or know. I’ve had two uromastyx lizards for almost three years. I have a frilled dragon that is about 2 years old. Our experienced team of veterinarians and vet nurses has a special interest in exotic pets such as reptiles.

I very recently rescued a tiny baby beardie from certain death in a pet store. My male veiled chameleon’s right eye is swollen. Welcome! Search Veterinarians.com for an up-to-date and complete listing of reptile vets in North Carolina. We’re more than an animal hospital! My female inland bearded dragon has recently been keeping her left eye firmly shut. I recently adopted an 8-year-old male corn and he has a soft (fatty?) lump on either side of his body just before the vent.

Services: VCA Dakota Ridge Animal Hospital is an animal hospital offering pet vaccinations, wellness exams, spay and neuter, nutritional counseling, microchipping, parasite control and many other services. Q: Hello, I’m Jared and am 10 years old. Exotic pets are a joy, but it can be difficult to find a veterinarian who will provide the general health care they need.

When I brought my dragons in, he showed me the parasites under the microscope while I was in the office. Do you have comments or require assistance? invertebrates (if you have a tarantula, scorpion, snail, millipede, mantis or other pet species). If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. I think there are other vets with more in depth knowledge about reptiles, but he is eager and willing to learn and great for basic needs…fecal checks, xrays etc.. Find your herp vet now, and you’ll perhaps be saving your scaly friend from needless suffering, as well as saving yourself a big headache when you need it the least. Please note that we are not veterinarians.

Please note that we are not veterinarians. Don’t be fooled. Please note that we are not veterinarians. Please contact the HVC Team and one of us will respond as soon as possible. Please contact the HVC Team and one of us will respond as soon as possible. Delay can be fatal. Boyer’s vision is to give the community, pet owners, and most of all, your pets, the finest health care possible.

The pre-reqs vary slightly based on which vet schools you are applying to, but for the most part it’s all your sciences (bio, chem, organic chem, biochem, genetics, animal science) and some non-science pre-reqs. Juveniles, geriatric animals, and those showing signs of disease often need more frequent exams. We make no claims to the quality of their care and the decision for vet care, like human health care, is a personal one. However, my lizard is only 3 months old, and blue-tongues don’t lay eggs anyhow, so I am reluctant to spend even more money to find nothing wrong. Nutrition is key and a vital part of good health. I truly appreciate the folks at Y.R.A.H. and Canada.

If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. 07 5534 0813 NOTE: For wild reptiles only, not captive ones. If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. Simply contact us and we will list your site on our links page. Please contact the HVC Team and one of us will respond as soon as possible.

Luckily, you do have options. Do you have comments or require assistance? Please note that Herp Vet Connection may not necessarily endorse the content of the listed sites. Please note that we are not veterinarians. Please note that we are not veterinarians. You can discover a lot, however, about what to expect from your herp by watching him as he feeds, sleeps, moves about his cage, and interacts with you. Where to find A Reptile Vet.

Please note that we are not veterinarians. Please note that we are not veterinarians. Please note that we are not veterinarians. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Choosing the right vet for your pet can be tough. If you have an iguana that suddenly becomes ill or suffers a serious injury, you may need to make a trip to an emergency veterinarian. Routine examinations are the best way for us to determine the current health or potential future problems of your pet.

Do you have comments or require assistance? Search Veterinarians.com for an up-to-date and complete listing of reptile vets in your area. IF…You are Ready to Say No to Unnecessary Use of Medications, Chemicals, and Vaccines, and Ready to Say Yes to Improving the health of Your Pet, We Invite You to Call Us and Become a Member of our Family! Monroe Road Animal Hospital 3736 Monroe Rd Charlotte 28202 704-333-3336 Does not see iguanas. Do you have comments or require assistance? At Christopher Park Veterinary Hospital we believe in treating all animals as if they were our own. Also if I’m not mistaken, New Hope Animal Hospital used to treat herps, as well as an animal hospital on Wedington…Not confirmed, but someone else may be familiar with them more recently.

Do you have comments or require assistance? Do you live in Wisconsin and are in search of a reptile veterinarian? Wednesday May 2, 2007 – No longer at Care Veterinary Clinic (Visalia). Have a pet reptile and have questions about its care and health? Search Veterinarians.com for an up-to-date and complete listing of reptile vets in Connecticut. Do you have comments or require assistance? Comments: Dr McCarthy is an extremely experienced veterinarian and specializes in exotics/reptiles.

VCA Valley Animal Hospital and Emergency Center is a full-service, 24-hour Tucson veterinarian and animal hospital that has been providing quality routine and emergency veterinary care for your pets for over 50 years. If you have any additions or updates, please contact Cindy Below are additional links to help your search for a veterinarian.

Thanks are due to Krista Salter for help with the construction of this site. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and thank them for their time. Membership to the ARAV does NOT guarantee that these vets have seen many reptiles or know much about them in general. Boyer is one of select group of reptile and amphibian veterinarians nationwide who are ABVP-certified as a reptile and amphibian specialists, and is San Diego’s only reptile and amphibian veterinarian with this advanced training and credential. Dogs and cats or large animals are your focus, and you get exotics when and where you can. Call a few local vets who don’t treat herps, and ask them who they refer herp cases to. They are truly compassionate people w/ excellent customer service skills.

Damage can be as minor as a broken toenail or as serious as a broken back. If you work a 9-5 schedule, make sure the office is open on nights and weekends. When your iguana goes in for treatment, the veterinarian won’t be the only one treating it. Oversupplementation can often be worse than under supplementing. With an aging and ailing cat who is a faithful patient at Rutherford Vet Hospital in Fair Park, I was looking for a holistic approach to compliment the traditional care Rutherford provides him. Here’s a scenario: Let’ say you’re a snake breeder, and one of your snakes stops eating. As a member of the VCA family, our veterinarians have access to extensive medical resources, not the least of which is the VCA knowledge base, which allows our doctors to tap into the collected knowledge of over 2,000 VCA veterinarians.

He also has an animal room connected to his main waiting area where he houses abandoned animals. Barnard , Steve J. With Dr. Dentistry: Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, dental X-rays, tooth extractions and minor oral surgery. Sometimes, the tissue will also bleed excessively. Our trained staff can assist you with all of your reptile needs. Tuesday August 21, 2001 – I took a ~1-year old iguana in to see Dr.

Teter is interested in all aspects of general veterinary medicine and surgery. These don’t need to be in the kit, but, should always be readily available, especially if you have to evacuate. For superficial wounds, apply a light layer of antibiotic ointment and leave uncovered. From the very first person you speak to to the person who checks you and your pet out, our team of pet lovers works cohesively to create a warm and welcoming experience for both you and your pet. When you come for your appointment, we encourage questions and hope you ask us about any therapies, nutrition, behavior, or health advice you may need. Larger lizards, such as bearded dragons and iguanas, need enclosures at least 2’x4’ and should be large enough to enable climbing. We provide full dental care including dental radiographs.

Dr. Immediately prior to posting this, I was talking to a local snake keeper who had a not-so-great experience with a Dr. This lack can cause the skeleton to become soft and swollen. Please make an appointment with your herp vet as soon as possible to have your snake evaluated. I took it upon myself to investigate as much information on this and – assuming she does have MBD – how to treat it. Others are merely farmed: hatched from eggs laid by wild caught (and released after laying) females or from eggs dug up in the wild and brought to the farm for incubation. Here you will rub shoulders with like minded people, have access to quality articles published in their journals and most larger societies have several veterinarians as members.

Intramuscular, subcutaneous and intracoelomic injections can be delivered with the appropriate sized needles, and blood samples can be taken. Amphibia Web – Species List Information on various amphibians Anatomy of a Snake Generalized picture online; good resource to refer snake owners to when trying to educate them about the physiological aspects of their snake. He or she should let you know up-front how much experience they have in treating reptiles, or turtles in particular. Simply put, learning to treat hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals properly takes time and dedication. If it is just an inflammation, can I use something like Preparation H on the animal? It can also save you money on expensive referral fees. Her caging conditions have not changed, but she does tend to spill her water often.

He knows what he is talking about. When in doubt about whether your turtle or tortoise needs professional medical care, contact a qualified herp veterinarian. We look forward to meeting you and your pet(s) to show you why we have been the area’s #1 choice for over 30 years!

Amoebic infections are treatable once they are identified as such and the infection is detected and treatment started before tissue and organ damage is advanced. After two and a half months of daily care and countless hours of effort and concern for Prometheus, he finally began to eat on his own. Adding pure water will bring it back to its original concentration, but adding reconstituted water will make it more concentrated with solutes (harder) with every top-off. I wish that you had given me more specifics about your salamander. Both animals will circle each other while taking short bites at each others hip and neck regions. Some people listening to that may think that’s crazy, but it’s actually a very, very effective and comfortable way for the person and the cobra. 1988.

Aquatic turtles are considered the most difficult group of reptiles to properly house and maintain. Use a sweep net to capture grasshoppers in a pesticide-free region. If it encounters a host before it starves to death, it will lodge itself under or between scales where the skin is most accessible, and begin to feed. The the diet and atmosphere needs to be right and your vet will begin administering Vit A. There was a little stream near the parking lot in front of the cave, and there we found another non-endemic species, an edible frog (Pelophylax esculentus). Interesting note… Can you feed one animal to another?

Most will do fine in a 20-gallon terrarium or enclosure of similar dimensions: approximately 3 feet long and 1½ feet wide. If you own a group of bearded dragons and one dies, then refrigerate it until it can be necropsied by your reptile veterinarian. Need a Herp Vet? If you do not invest the time in sanitizing it, that money saved could end up being used to treat your reptile for parasites you introduced to the enclosure. This correlates to the general activity patterns for most dragons. Where could I go with all these herps anyway? Don’t worry about trying to rate the answer.

Parks and Wildlife’s report into the native sandalwood harvest quota provided advice on an appropriate quantity, composition and duration of the harvest to improve the conservation outcomes for the species, as well as providing the range of regional, social and economic objectives sought by government for this industry. Often, a purse-string suture is used to help hold the hemipenis in place during healing, but the lizard can still pass droppings normally. Normally, a hatchling tortoise should develop a firm shell by its first birthday after hatching. Use a shallower bowl or put a rock in it if the lizards are too small to scramble out easily. Brad and I would find another 500 frogs; the Cages would find another snake. This system prevents the substrate becoming waterlogged and rotting the roots of any plants. It’s also famous for sightings of the yellow eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlegelii), what I consider to be one of the most beautiful snakes in the country.

A visual inspection of the your reptile is typically all that is needed to identify shedding issues. how can he be sick? Also, frogs jump and toads do cute little hops. Perhaps your vet performed a fecal parasite examination? Fenbendazole is the drug of choice for nematode parasites and is given orally at 25–50 mg/kg once daily for three to five days and then repeated in ten days, if warranted. Terms and conditions of this offer are subject to change at the sole discretion of PetSmart. Flying dragons come from the Philippines, western Malaysia and also widely across the Indo-Pacific islands.

However, if he burned his feet in water that was too hot, this could also result in the changes to the skin that you’re seeing. You may want to soak it for hydration (more on that later). The rainy season usually occurs from September to April, but varies slightly for the same reason as the variance in the average rainfall. Not perfect, but the best I can do with the current lighting. Increase your odds while road cruising by peering down all the side roads you pass. He posted a photo of the reptile onto his Facebook page and like most interesting images, it went mini viral in the social sphere. NOTICE: Iguanas are the most popular reptile pets.

Variety of lizards, amphibians and inverts. While reptiles are popular pets, they are not as common as cats or dogs, so many of these rescues don’t receive the donations they deserve for the hard work their staff puts into rescuing these animals. It’s also a good idea to research the natural habitat of the species to get a complete picture of how your pet needs to be cared for. All rights reserved. Occasions arise when the only way to alleviate pain and suffering is to humanely euthanize captive herps.

I would also encourage you to keep a food item (one readily available all year round) which is used only as a special treat for stressful situations such as a visit to the vet, and bring some along to the consultation, where appropriate. Please note that we are not veterinarians. Their time is valuable, too, and courtesy can go a long way. You still need to exercise caution using the lists as these vets have to undergo NO formal training to qualify as herp vets. Boyer served as the organization’s first president and created the Bulletin of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians, now the Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery, and served as its Editor-in-Chief for eighteen years until 2008. My biggest piece of advice for success is to be a vet tech for as long as you can before vet school. As far as I am concerned, vets working on a species unknown to them should spend some time – preferably before the appointment – learning about that species.

If appropriate laying conditions are not provided, eggs may be retained, which can lead to anorexia or peritonitis. Her arm has recovered it’s use and she’s eating and gaining weight. You shouldn’t be flipping through a phone-book to find a vet. With MBD, the bones in the body become weakened because there isn’t enough calcium in the diet, and the herp hasn’t been able to sun. To receive accreditation, the clinic has to meet the AAHA’s standards in the areas of facility, equipment and quality care. You should look for someone who at least sees more than two a year, though. Liver, muscle, kidney, and even nutritional disturbances can be quickly and easily assed with a small blood sample.

Functional medicine uses diet, supplements, herbs, and homeopathics to improve the health of cells in order to facilitate healing. We see all animals and have special Intensive Care Units that are heat and humidity controlled for birds, and small mammals. If you sense something wrong with your reptile, don’t wait. History: Our friendly, professional staff is made up of dedicated individuals who have made it their mission to help pets live long, healthy lives. 1.1.0 Ball Pythons [Sparks & Zoey] 0.1.0 Sandfire x Giant German Citrus Bearded Dragon [Isis] 0.0.1 Crested Gecko Tattoo [Dorian Gray] 1.0.0 Fiance [Jordan] I’m a girl that likes reptiles, tattoos, tech, cars, and F1 races. Frye, DVM This is a spiral “pocketbook” that contains virtually all the antibiotic tables, drug recommendations/dosages and other quick info that may be required in a clinical setting. We inherited an Amazon parrot years ago (truly the bane of my existence!…but that’s another story) and I hope against all hope Papageno will not be needing Dr.

Congratulations to our sister hospital, Cat and Dog in Columbia, for Winning Best Hospital Of the year 2010! Please make an appointment with a qualified herp vet as soon as possible to have your tortoise examined and treated. Do you know how to tell if your reptile is sick? Jones has potential and does try to keep up-to-date and learn the information in the herp veterinary society. Call now for an appointment! Curry has a special interest in both ferret and reptile medicine. Emergency kits, whether they be for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods or fires, share a lot of commonalities.

That’s why it is always best to train a snake to eat prekilled prey, if at all possible. In every case, you’ll be served by experienced, knowledgeable members of our staff. Evidence-based medicine means we advise you of what diagnostics and treatment will work best for you and your pet based on the best quality evidence available today. In general, lizards should be handled gently under the body and never caught or picked up by their tails, as their tails can sometimes break off. Our goal is to provide your pets with the quality of medicine and care that we would give to our own pets. READ MORE Rodent Bites in Reptiles There are many reptiles that feed on live rodents. We have a professional, courteous team devoted to the well being of birds, rabbits, ferrets, rodents, insectivores and reptiles.

So, I know there has to be at least a couple Utah members here… I was wondering if, in fact, medicine can be given to him to get him feeling better. She had her prelay shed, so I assumed that she would have the eggs in a month or so. We called the vet, who supposedly was to be familiar with reptiles. We are a full-service, locally owned and operated veterinary clinic offering care for all creatures small, including: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and other exotic pets. We specialize in dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and exotic animals. Do you have comments or require assistance?

Some common animal surgeries can cost thousands of dollars, and you don’t want to end up having to foot a surprise bill that costs more than your paycheck. Shawn is always willing to call me up and talk to me about things. Dr H is certainly the best herp doctor I’ve come across in 15+ years of being in the hobby…I’d be shocked if you ever have an unsuccessful experience with him. Everson and his wife, Hilary, enjoy spending their time with Chloe the pug, Maggie the rat terrier, and their cats, Elvis and Mia. An electrolyte solution such as Pedialyte can be used orally. A Friendly Reminder: You are ultimately responsible for the care of your patients. If you are looking for a herp-knowledgeable veterinarian in your area, a good place to start is by checking the list of members on the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarian (ARAV) web site at www.arav.com.

Need a Herp Vet? If you are looking for a herp-knowledgeable veterinarian in your area, a good place to start is by checking the list of members on the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarian (ARAV) web site at www.arav.com. Snakes can be placed in the pillow case and the top loosely knotted. For an ill bearded dragon, I recommend soaking bearded dragon pellets in a sports drink and then putting them in the blender to make a gruel or smoothie that can be easily syringe-fed to him. However, he was displaying more symptoms of illness. The summer I graduated I went to Colorado to help our other herpetology professor with his study on Arizona tiger salamanders. If you cannot possibly find anyone else to help you, I would suggest that you call the first vet back and tell them how serious the situation is and ask that you be fit in or referred to another clinic that can help you.

Females don’t usually suffer from depression from having their eggs removed for incubation. This is why it is always a good idea to have a vet involved with any new therapy. This can be very helpful for inexperienced herp vets or those just wishing to get a second opinion on a case. On top of this, they are kept in small cages and not allowed to roam and hunt (which is normal for them in the wild). (6) Once you find a veterinarian you like, establish a good working relationship. A: I agree that your digital camera is not working very well. So, what is a qualified herp vet?

Well, you obviously are worried or you wouldn’t have written in to me. She also serves as adjunct assistant professor at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. For that, you will need a qualified herp veterinarian whom you trust and who can take the necessary radiographs (X-rays) and perform any other tests necessary to diagnose what is causing your bearded dragon’s lameness. We now have an online pharmacy for easy ordering of medications, foods, ear/skin products and also special compounded medications. A temperature of 110 F should be on the surface, not the air temperature under the light. Most reptiles lay eggs. This will also give me a chance to keep you up to date with any husbandry advances you may be unaware of.

Radiographs can be sent via snail-mail, or the veterinarian can take digital photographs of the films that can be e-mailed to a radiologist. In general, the tail of male reptiles is proportionally longer than the female’s. He actually made it up to the top of his favorite perch. Any suggestions? Now, I have one for you: have you taken your rescue iguana in to see a herp veterinarian? We offer the most up to date preventative, medical and surgical care. He seems undaunted by the shaking; however, he does stop moving when it occurs.

A few links to our friends and places you may find of interest. He is now also becoming very weak and not eating much, as all the fluid is stopping him from eating. Please, if you plan to write in and ask a question, provide me with the temperature range in the habitat, the temperature high in the basking spot, cage substrate, lighting used (and how often changed or replaced, especially for UVB lighting), the normal diet that you feed, how often you feed, your water delivery system, how often you clean the habitat and what agents you clean with, any changes to behavior or condition that you have noticed, any medications that you have administered yourself and any other pets you have in your home. So it might be neurological problem what is the treatment for this? Brar has 4 technicians on staff. With our caring, knowledgeable staff and modern hospital you can feel confident that your pet will receive the best possible medical treatment and attention.