There are great herping opportunities here in Texas, but there are also laws to protect the herps. We captured the little guy and tagged the croc as part of Gareth’s research, letting it go on its way. This time we chose to travel in the November/ December timeframe instead, when the first rainy season arrives. Our hotel was absolutely covered with geckos, including two big Tokays. Reaching it, we realized that the pale green color was the thin grass, cropped close by the prairie dogs. The storms that swept through the day before didn’t make it up here, he laments. After a few days of snorkeling with nurse sharks, golden-tailed moray eels and gaudy parrot fish along the world’s second-longest barrier reef, we headed inland to our next destination: Crooked Tree Village, a small settlement in the middle of a lagoon in Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary.

Granted, I was more of a basset hound, but they were definitely wolves. The adult males are very territorial most of the year (or at least during their “active” time of year, when they are not hibernating), and when I lived in Ohio and southern Indiana, there was only one adult male on each wooded ridge, and I’m sure this goes for other areas also, but he would always patrol his hilltop looking for others. We didn’t have much luck, other than a few lizards and one Nerodia erythrogaster that slipped off a bank and into the water before I could get a photo. As far as the color goes, I think the Northern leopard wins hands-down, since many of the Floridians are very drab in comparison, but when I explore their area in detail, some stunning patterns and varieties are encountered! Although I was looking forward of seeing my first wild Phelsuma you might have noticed the lack of pictures of them in the report. Around the fields in the valley there are these two lizards, and in the irrigation channels there are plenty of Marsh frogs and the occasional Agile frog. Our next destination was San Diego.

not a sausage to be seen, bugger all.. First some Natrix natrix helvetica from just around the corner of my home. The good thing about a kid of his age, is that he forgot he already saw this one two years ago, so fresh and wild enthusiasm again! 3) Finally, especially males do this. He had been on the island since before Christmas and had been adopted by a Mallorcan family, as one would adopt a chubby stray puppy. It’s not problem, that you are not an expert and you do not know to determinate species, we will identify it for you. yet again reading these reports I am climbing the walls waiting to go herping again Roll on 2017!

In the afternoon we splitted into two groups. As the viper started eating I took a few photos and a video. Any photos are allowed, as long as they stay somewhat on topic. The entire stretch was a massively extensive eco-tome moving from miles and miles of hardwood and mesic habitat to miles and miles of upland sand hill scrub habitat. Retrieved February 20, 2017, from Chicago All Acronyms. Industry news, Captive Breeding front, Field herping Christmas day? I hope to shoot some more of different species in the future.

I’ve been to #kubah #nationalpark in #borneo #malaysia handful of times and it’s always different! I’ve been to #kubah #nationalpark in #borneo #malaysia handful of times and it’s always different! I thought I would be waving this corpse around like trying to make a sick zombie walk but I really didn’t even notice- and I had pet rodents for years! probe goes between the UTH and the underside of the enclosure. Follow @flickrhivemind Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind. I went out on 5-29-12 and found a small Fox Snake that was in deep shed and also a skink. The day includes breakfast on the way and lunch in the field….

I’m 29 years old, married (proud parent of a 10-week old baby boy!), and originally from Severna Park, MD. I am guessing by where we found them they’re Northern, but I’m struggling to tell the difference. In most cases, herping involves watching, photographing or catch and release. Welcome to the sSnakeSs community. This website is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. When herpers go on to public or private lands, we should already be aware that we are subject to rules and regulations imposed on us by State and Federal governments regarding the pursuit of reptiles and amphibians. What’s the coolest place you’ve ever gone herping?

I’m on the hunt for amphibians and reptiles all over the world. Andrew Durso’s Life Is Short, But Snakes Are Long is one of my favorite herp blogs. The three best places in Florida to go field herping  (looking for reptiles),is Devils garden in central Florida off lake Okeechobee, lake Okeechobee, and Everglades National Park  Its home to many reptiles and amphibians including alligators, venomous and non-venomous species of snakes, many species of turtles, some species of lizards and a few species of frogs and toads.