Therefore, it is vulnerable to wind attacks in affected people. 3. If there is a fever and an aversion to cold, add GV-14 and LI-Il to induce sweating and to reduce fever. Treatment was given once every other day. Drink daily for 7 days. •    LI-20, together with SP-6 and ST-7, are all local points, regulating the Qi circulation in the vicinity and stopping the pain. Pain associated with heaviness and soreness is most often caused by pathogenic damp.

•    Shi Gao and Zhi Mu clear Heat in the Upper Burner. A simple heating pad or water bottle will do the trick. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are one of the good ways. As with all medicines, herbs need to be used properly in the right combination, correct dosage, and should be appropriate for the correct diagnosis of your ailment. Two authors conducted the literature search (LQW, JR), study selection (WJX, FL) and data extraction (WC, LQW) independently. If at least ten trials were available for a meta-analysis, we would assess for the likelihood of publication bias by constructing funnel plots [8]. Consume iron in foods such as blackstrap molasses, broccoli, fish, lima beans, and peas.

The reason for doing so is twofold: keep the organic acids and vitamins as possible as you could, plus get rid of raw bean’s strong smell, which might lead to nausea and vomiting after consumption. Once a viral cold proceeds into the lungs, cough will develop. (zang hong hua). We may also choose to use some herbs to dispel the blood stasis. We have an immune-boosting blend consisting of medicinal mushrooms and astragalus to help support healthy immunity. Its kernel solution, made from dry fat-free powder, has a hypotensive effect on cat. It is and energy tonic used as a sexual tonic.

i) During flu season, open the windows to allow fresh air to ventilate rooms (especially rooms in which people with head-colds / flu have been!). Loose stools generally mean that there is a deficiency of the spleen, kidneys, or both. Other theories include: central neurotransitter imbalances, thyroid hormone resistance, stress-related physiological changes, psychopathology, psychosocial factors, and disturbance of alpha intusion of sleep (Donaldson et al ibid). Use a wooden skewer to remove the cakes from the clay molds. Have some medicine and tea or tofu, it may help you to feel better. Three to Eight (3-8) Moxa cones are usually used, and the slice of Garlic may need to be replaced during the course of the treatment. We conducted a patient-centered, nonrandomized outcome effectiveness study to compare the response of yang deficiency cold coagulation pattern knee OA patients to 10.6 μm–650 nm combined laser irradiation with that of OA patients with other TCM patterns.

Si Ni Tang is said to be one of the only formulas that can tonify the Fire of both the Water and the Earth without injuring the Yin. Emotional disharmony, especially repressed anger, resentment, frustration, over a long time, which impairs the circulation of Liver Qi. Ensure you make time each day to exercise in the sunshine, avoiding exercise in the rain or damp conditions and in water  (swimming may not be suitable). My dad is a manager for a wholesale herb company, meaning I have access to a lot of great stuff at a great price. Few available therapies, including zinc, vitamin C, Echinacea, garlic, antihistamines, intranasal ipratropium, corticosteroids, antibiotics, and so on [5-14], are recommended due to ineffectiveness, questionable benefit, or adverse effects. It mainly treats evil qi in the five viscera, and wind-cold-damp impediment. Osteoarthritis, on the other hand, tended to be lumped together with other disorders of aging, in which stiffness and pain, especially of the legs, was considered just one part of the gradual deterioration of body functions that occurs with old age.

Eating for balance has been a way of life for the Chinese for thousands of years. These herbs are usually used for superficial disorders. TCM modalities can break this pattern, and are actually designed to boost, not damage, the body’s immune response. There are lots of things that, once you are aware of them, can help take the burden off your Spleen. Sometimes patients with a wind damp invasion only have fever & chills without sweating, a stiff neck and upper back ache. The head connects with the internal organs through the meridians and collaterals; it also has orifices to communicate with the external directly. Enter the nuclear option: Chinese herbal tea kuding cha.

The Bladder also belongs to the Water element and is affected by the emotion of Fear (especially in children), which can deplete Bladder Qi and cause nocturnal enuresis. Chinese medicine works to insure that Qi is able to move freely, that it is moving in the correct direction, and that there is an abundant availability of Qi. Symptoms describe what you feel when you are not well.