Despite the popularity of amyloid beta-targeting drugs, none have managed to pass late stage clinical trials, prompting UMC Radboud to halt its own studies. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology in Potsdam have altered tobacco to produce large yields of artemisinin – the most effective treatment for malaria but still without a cheap and reliable source. CRISPR remains in the spotlight as the scientific discovery of the century. This could be a HUGE game-changer for Europe’s research on stem cells, and more broadly Gene Editing…. Were you aware of the Vatican’s work in the Biosciences – including Biotech? Researchers at King’s College London have found a new link between gut microbiome diversity (or, more specifically, the lack of it) and a particularly troubling kind of obesity. Animal testing is a crucial part of developing new medicines, but it is accompanied by a host of ethical concerns.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology has been jointly awarded to Youyou Tu (the first ever Chinese recipient of a Nobel Prize in this category) for discovering the malarial medicine Artemisinin, and to William C. Cancer Research UK says an old anti-malaria drug could be repurposed as a cancer therapy. Researchers at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have uncovered a molecule in the pomegranate fruit which can prolong the lifespan of animal models. The first thing I checked this morning was the outcome of the Brexit vote, and what sad news when I read Brexit won. French Pherecydes Pharma has launched the first EU clinical bacteriophage phase I/II trial to fight hospital acquired infections (HAIs) in military hospitals and burn units. There are so many exciting discoveries in scientific research that could be used to cure, feed and fuel the world, but there is a giant gulf between science and business. Removing CO2 from the atmosphere could help with climate change, and there’s now a new biological method in the making to achieve this.

Researchers from King’s College London have succeeded in developing a blood test that can help choose the best treatment for depression patients – a big improvement over the current trial-and-error approach. This article is about research into cancer, in general. In response to new treatments, cancer came back stronger and more resistant than ever. There were many exciting developments for CNS disease treatments last year, and now a French biotech is winding up to add gene therapy to the mix. The world’s largest global wealth manager, UBS, has raised a record of €416M for its UBS Oncology Impact Fund, aimed at developing cancer treatments. AstraZeneca has announced it will create a new Centre for Genomics Research in Cambridge (UK) – joining the Wellcome Sanger, a Craig Venter Biotech and a Finnish specialist Institute to do so. The long medieval period extends in the West over nearly a millennium and gradually enriched its knowledge in the medical field.

So for those who don’t know what a mRNA is, here are some basics. Given the rates of diabetes reaching ‘epidemic-proportions’, we figured it was time to have a better overview of biotech’s progress in the field. I am the manager behind the DRACO campaign (and now all Rider Institute marketing), partner in the somewhat defunct HSV cure coalition, and founder of KillingSickness ( Happy Wednesday folks, this week we are mixing it up a bit by categorizing the jobs to improve your user experience, hope you all like it! What updates have occurred in the Neurodegenerative disease field as of late? There’s a growing appetite to refine and standardize CRISPR protocols, as its application expands into different areas of genomic research. This week we leave the cold winds of Sweden and head south, to warmer weather and say ¡Hola!

The “Eureka” moment in the lab is far from the end of a successful story. What’s happening with CRISPR these days? The Central Nervous System (CNS) comprises many complex tissues and highly specialized cell types, mutation in which can cause an array of deadly and chronic diseases. Conjugaison essayer futur simple endings argumentative essay about money is everything in life ex libris proquest digital dissertations methodological issues unique to psychological research paper. Christian dating sites in Canada include, which has a large selection of Canadian Christian singles. On the snow-clotted plains of central Sweden where Wotan and Thor, the clamorous gods of magic and death, once held sway, a young, self-deprecating gene therapist has invented a virus that eliminates the type of cancer that killed Steve Jobs. ** = Publications listed in SCI / SSCI / Pubmed 2015 Journal article ** Abdel-Baki, AA; Soliman, H; Saleh, M; Al-Quraishy, ​​S; El-Matbouli, M (2015): Ortho Linea saudii sp.

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