4. Most people buy bearded dragons as babies. If any aren’t, you are most likely seeing the results of intimidation and will need to increase the number of basking and feeding areas and/or increase enclosure size or separate them. Another behavior is arm waving, done by both males and females. I wrote about Cryptosporidium in my last online column. Pet reptiles should be kept out of households where children aged less than 5 years or immunocompromised persons live. When Mr.

There are many possible sources for tank water. The most common sign for this is their willingness to feed on the first and second day of Captivity. A: Because he stopped eating when you recently moved him to a different location, I wonder if his conditions changed, perhaps, resulting in a change in temperature? It was while examining a fungus growing on a tree trunk that one of our participants spotted our snake of the day, barely a couple of metres before his eyes: a White-bellied Rat Snake (Ptyas fusca)! We had him out and away from water two days ago, and he was so much thinner. Even if your herp lives alone, it still has the instinct to stay concealed to avoid an attack from another reptile. Enlarged spinose scales are also present across the lateral surface, unevenly distributed amongst regular keeled scales.

Craig Pelke tends to 21-year-old “Bubba” the Komodo dragon at the San Antonio Zoo. Keeping dead reptiles and amphibians is also subject to permit requirements. We took her to the vet. Many are equipped with sharp claws for digging and tree climbing. It is highly suggested that you interview the vets yourself and make your own decisions as to whether to use any of the listed veterinarians. In addition, an injury might result in a disc, the spongy material between vertebrae, being forced out of its normal space. We, as vets, can euthanize an animal to alleviate suffering.

Oral cavity tissues may have little pinpoint hemorrhages called “petechiae.” These red dots may merge, and the normally pink tissue may change to red or purple. For these reasons, they should be eliminated whenever possible. While there is an appeal to the boas and pythons, for a beginner, I would recommend a kingsnake, milk snake or a member of the corn/rat snake group and not a boa or python, which grow much larger. At the time of the publication of this catalogue all titles listed are in stock and available for the published price, errors and omissions excepted. Our first general meeting for the year will be on Tuesday 14th February at 7.30pm at The Joinery (Franklin St). The lamp, while keeping the iguana’s cage warm, dries the moisture out of the air, which can induce a state of chronic dehydration in the iguana. Generally, I won’t attempt to microchip any herp that I don’t feel comfortable inserting a 10-gauge needle into, so this really varies depending on the size, musculature, build and individual characteristics of the herp.

Various color morphs are available, too (though they’re more costly than “normal-colored” animals). Today, a plethora of feeder invertebrates are on the market. Some cancers will spread through the bloodstream or lymphatics to other locations, making surgical amputation ineffective. However, it is due to their ability to use non-reptiles as a form a public transportation that cause reptile keepers to inadvertently infect their own collections with mites. A “biggie” is Salmonella sp., a bacterium that can infect any species of reptile-or other animal, for that matter. Ingredients:Dry dandelion greens, dry red clover tops, freeze dried corn, freeze dried carrots, freeze dried green beans, freeze dried leeks, freeze dried zucchini, freeze dried meal worms, freeze dried banana, dry Calendula flower petals, calcium carbonate. Please note that we are not veterinarians.

Feed every day in this case, offering food 2 or three times a day. I chose to simulate the alluvial soil found in Kabul, Afghanistan. We have answers! Bearded dragons are superb pets for adults or kids, and are often used in schools as class pets. My husband just brought home an anole lizard, and we don’t know too much about it. Darkness had fallen and we had stopped at a riverside Amazonian village. As some of you know, he did an American trip last year and promised to present a talk to us about his experience.

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