Q: Are there any contra-indications to the use of the device? Many organisms such as protozoa, fungi, bacteria and viruses lack nervous and muscular system; therefore, their sole source of electric and electromagnetic fields are in the metabolic system. It has been successfully tested in many clinics in Russia, such as the second Central Military Hospital. To achieve the best results, the users must ensure to follow the simple instructions provided with the Products. Our body and its functional systems are a source of extremely weak electromagnetic waves in a wide range of frequencies. 2. In order to program these devices with the new programs, a simply UPDATE of the DEINFO USB is required.

He was treated in different clinics for about three years. If that quality is destroyed, it can cause incoherent, inadequate and pathologic electromagnetic vibration. We do not treat HIV. Bioresonancetherapy is also considered as energy therapy that does not use any drugs or medication – it is completely non-invasive. If one member of the family acquires an infection, in most instances everyone else will inevitably fall ill, as well. GROUP 2 – A combined treatment using the same medications as above, along with the Deta AP therapy device. Davis informs that before gaining fame as a rock star, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin was famous among rock’s toxic royalty — counting Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Rolling Stone Ron Wood as customers of his unlicensed pharmacy — through his involvement “in the surge of the Persian brown-colored heroin that had flooded into the L.A.

To date DETA ELIS has developed more than 3,000 treatment programs, with an overall positive effect in many health problems in excess of 85%, supported by 117 clinical trials. The company DETA ELIS has developed a number of therapeutic devices, some to arouse and supplement dormant reserves in the body and to reveal and destroy parasites and viruses. The devices have undergone clinical trials with many thousands of patient suffering many different health problems, as well as being certified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Republic. GROUP 2 – A combined treatment using the same medications as above, along with the Deta AP therapy device. This intracellular parasites that destroy brain cells, as well as living in the internal organs, muscles and lymph nodes. Even if it (or any other virus) was in the blood, this device coulf cure THAT. Though most of this is preprogrammed into the device diagnostics takes wings to a new level that pins down a patient’s overall chronic problems, translates that into a frequency, and then an exact positive outburst from the device will, over several hours, shower the wearer with the perfect healing frequency.

During your treatment, your entire body is treated, not just one problem at a time, but all at once so you recover faster and more completely. 1. This disease has a number of complications and therefore requires mandatory treatment under the supervision of a therapist. While the parasite can be spread in different ways, water (drinking water and recreational water) is the most common method of transmission. Electromagnetic oscillations occur naturally in the surrounding world and accompany any chemical and physical process. Parasites are the usual cause of gradual hair loss. Two years later (1998) saw the light of new, more sophisticated device that has no analogues in the world.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that you can shatter a glass with sound. hookwormThe eggs are distributed in the soil, and after they hatch, the lavae are able to penetrate the intact skin of bare feet. Herpes may cause: 1. The “Antihelmetic” program was used once per week for a period of one month. Also for women exhibiting program ovaries, and for men – testes to regulate the formation of germ cells in them. In combination with this programme can also be run the LYMPH, LIVER and KIDNEYS cleansing programs. By far better than explaining, it is to watch a 33-second video and see it in action.

It is a virus of the H1N1 subtype, which is transferred from person-to-person and causes typical flu symptoms. This is due to the fact that the virus is in the body’s cells. Forty-seven apps sent the device’s location [22]. The technology therapy created by Common Sense will be sweeping the globe just like cell phones and computers. The first devices based on the method of Nakatani allowed to pursue a common diagnosis of the organism. method is absolutely safe, its physiological action, has no age restrictions. The CLEAN EYES A programme will help to clear these symptoms.

partnership with Deta-Elis – it’s not just earnings, but the contribution to improving the health of all people on the planet. Treatment takes 1 to 3 months. After all, treatment should not be a heavy burden on an already weakened system.