You can actually make your own nanosilver, one quart batch at a time, for only about 36 cents per quart batch. I have since introduced more animal owners and friends to colloidal silver, Great “stuff”. When silver began getting popular again, the drug companies attempted to get the FDA to ban them, but through legislation passed by congress was prevented from doing so. Scientists / Chemists / Physicists will tell you, however, that real electro-colloidal silver particles- charged sub-microscopic silver ions, are extremely photo-sensitive. Do not use common table salt as table salt has chemical additives. Also have patient douche daily with 1 part in 2 parts of water. What makes the Perstorp countertop unique is that extremely tiny nanosilver particles are impregnated into the polymer.

Depending upon the batch – how long it was “brewed”, what kind of “starter” was used, what level voltage and current was used, what type of purified water was used, etc. She kept licking at it. See on the internet: and also:  Robert Iacono, who was perhaps the most famous neurosurgeon in the world until he accidentally flew his airplane into a mountain, said, “The day will come when no surgery will ever be performed without putting Biotape over the incision as the final dressing.” This could prevent the terrible MRSA bacteria staff infections that occur after surgery. Sufficient colloidal silver taken daily precludes infection, viruses, disease, contagion outbreak and serious burn toxicity. In the past I would treat him with medicine from the vet. Meanwhile, more organisms became resistant to today’s antibiotics. But just as I refuse to join in with all of the doom-and-gloom hype about the supposed coming worldwide Ebola apocalypse, in like manner I also refuse to join in with those making blanket statements that colloidal silver is the sure-fire “cure” for Ebola.

You will know that a “colloidal silver” is actually a silver protein mixture if it is amber to almost black in color and it will foam when you shake it (the foam will last a few minutes). 33: 17–34. If pathogens are killed off too quickly, the body’s five eliminatory channels (liver, kidneys, skin, lungs and bowel) may be temporarily overloaded, causing flu-like conditions, headache, extreme fatigue, dizziness, nausea or aching muscles. You should always speak with your doctor before you start, stop, or change any prescribed part of your care plan or treatment. Finding success with some simple home remedies motivated her to continue to study and learn more about natural healing. I use it once a week on my dogs teeth. Colloidal silver works as catalyst, disabling the enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their metabolism.

2) You can also spray or dab it onto ringworm, boils, herpes sores, and warts for faster healing. And in the ones it does kill it does not mean it kills all of them. Silver is the best all-around germ fighter we have. I would greatly love to meet Bob Beck someday. I have a terrible flu right now, so I thought I’d go to the health food store and get some Colloidal silver. However, some genital herpes may be caused by HSV-1 virus, and some oral herpes may be caused by HSV-2. Low-level expression of productive-cycle genes during latency (22, 41) may provide an antigenic stimulus for immune effectors that could repress HSV gene expression (9, 52).

The problem with using chemicals (acids) to produce the colloids is the difficulty of getting them back out of the solution. But I had maybe the beginning of it. “Colloidal silver has been used to cure otherwise fatal infections for over 100 years in the United States. AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), 1/4 ounce Colloidal Silver BID as an adjunct with regular treatment of this disease indefinitely. Colloidal silver is not safe or effective for treating any disease or condition. Several months ago I told you about curing the bacterium Clostridium’dificile’, which had caused a severe lengthy illness that could not be cured with any of several antibiotics, including Vancomyacin. Colloidal silver (a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles) contains very small biological particles of silver that is so small, it can pass through membranes and even skip past the digestive system in order to be absorbed by the body specially (for maximum effectiveness) taken on an empty stomach.

Therefore, colloidal silver is sometimes used to cure bladder infections or urinary tract infections. It is also impossible to know what is an adequate maintenance amount for everyone in every situation. No claims to cure anything but it came with a firm guarantee that it would stop outbreaks before they happen. The highest enhancing effects were observed for vancomycin, amoxicillin, and penicillin G against S. Occasionally a special ointment is applied to the warts to get relief from all of them.