But Cohn said that the city’s claims that MBP causes herpes are a “blood libel” and that he will never obtain written consent before performing MBP. “We feel very strongly that the goal ought to be, ‘Let’s get rid of any formal, governmental regulation,’ ” said Rabbi David Zwiebel, executive director of Agudath Israel, a powerful ultra-Orthodox umbrella group that is among those suing over the consent requirement, and whose cooperation would be crucial to a new rule’s success. Earlier that morning, Eli’s father, Albert Alfaks, 29, wiped a tear from his eye as he handed Mr. Administration officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told reporters that in return for dropping the consent form regulation, ultra-Orthodox mohels would submit to DNA testing. Just the Curse of Ham and metzitzah b’peh will do for now. The statement that, “I don’t think there is a response to them,” referred specifically to those who allegedly said it would be invalid to use a tube where there are demonstrable health issues present as to either the Mohel or the child. Weinberger said that Tendler “didn’t handle [the situation] like a rabbi is supposed to do.” The Satmar leader also said that he has seen test results, which indicate Fischer is free of herpes.

Response: And the Law is fulfilled. But they do consider it dangerous enough to require a warning. And it’s true. Yes in the picture above a Rabbi is sucking the penis of a baby – and yes two babies are now infected with herpes! Herpes simplex virus type 2, which is usually transmitted through sexual contact and characterized by genital lesions, is less common and affects at least 16 percent of the population [10]. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26 The week continued with some seriously good news, as the Federal Communications Commission voted three to two to preserve net neutrality. In three medical papers done in Israel, Canada, and the USA, oral suction following circumcision was suggested as a cause in 11 cases of neonatal herpes.

The parents credited a blessing from their rebbe, the Nadvorna Rebbe, given them three years ago, for the baby and for the mother’s health. “While not acknowledging whether the Department has requested or received any consent forms,” the city’s legal counsel wrote, releasing such forms would constitute an “invasion of privacy” and a violation of the city’s health code. Still, Dr. But Niederman worries a vote to enact the law would force rabbis, who are “among the most law-abiding citizens,” to put their religious beliefs first. As the Forward reported recently, some ultra-Orthodox mohels refuse to comply with the city’s regulation. In the past, some parents whose babies contracted herpes have refused to identify their mohel to city health officials. During the investigation, the DOHMH learned of another 2003 case of neonatal HSV-1 infection after circumcision, also involving mohel A.

Mohelim, or Jewish ritual circumcisers, operate in an essentially unregulated field, unlike doctors, who are licensed by the state and rabbis, most of whom belong to professional organizations with set standards. In cell culture studies, the rate of detection on a single day was 6.3%. If it does, the mohel will be banned from performing the ritual for life. According to tradition, the cut is helped heal by the moyel putting his mouth on the baby’s penis to pull blood away from the wound. According to Rabbi Moshe Marciano, director of the circumcision division of the chief rabbinate, the infected babies did not have the same mohel. Oral suction circumcisions first came under scrutiny during Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, and the city’s health board voted in 2012 to regulate the practice by asking a parent or guardian to sign a consent form indicating possible risks. He also mentions four cases where the CDC considers MBP to have been probably been done, and Berman says we don’t even know if these are MBP cases.

The procedure is sometimes performed in ultra-Orthodox communities. “We are extremely concerned,” said Rabbi Moshe Klein, a mohel and sofer, who attended a meeting about the topic at the Crown Heights Beis Din this week. In return, Jewish leaders committed to helping the city identify the rabbi who performed the metzitzah b’peh on any baby diagnosed with HSV1, and permanently remove him as a “mohel”—one religiously certified to circumcise—if genetic testing proves he is responsible for the infection. I have never attended a bris before so I was totally clueless to the metzitzah b’peh before.. Not only are they mutilating a baby’s genitals, not only is an 84 year old performing oral sex on a baby, but on 14 different occasions, Rabbis have given HERPES to the babies. The ultra-Orthodox Jewish practice of metzitzah b’peh requires a practitioner to orally suck the baby’s penis to ‘cleanse’ the open wound following its circumcision, making them susceptible to the virus.