We daily seek to innovate to bring you new applications of her work to benefit your life, and your children. My site is a message of hope. It’s completely safe and he walks you through every single day, all 10 days, what to make and how to do it. 5. hi I bought the parazapper because I was intrigued. San Diego, CA: New Century Press, 1995. We had been attacking liver flukes for 4 months with potent natural remedies.

I bought the ParaZapper as I needed to return the home made one and did not want to stop zapping. If there has been no test for tapeworm, do the Rascal treatment anyway along with the regular parasite cleanse. “Being a doctor is so much more than putting a Band-Aid on a wound, it is about compassion, caring and valuing life.” Mary, there we agree. They sell all three devices in a discounted package. Dr. There is evidence that this is not only effective in eliminating microbes, parasites and cancer cells, but also to recharge and rejuvenate weak body cells. I would say this is the ultimate version but who knows what improvements await in the near future.

” Electricity can now be used to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in minutes, not days or weeks as antibiotics require”. Clark in her books mentions, which parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc, are connected to a specific health condition. Use a plate-zapper- slide kits of digestive tract, vital organs (“anatomy”) and bacteria. Some care needs to be taken initially, though, with the TERMINATOR, as this model also speeds up the body’s elimination process. John’s Wort can have potentially dangerous interactions with some prescription drugs. Re: ***Is it possible to totally purge Herpes out of your body? Gum recession may occur around single tooth or group of teeth and can be because of irritants or malposition of tooth in dental arch.

1Dermatology Section, Department of Internal Medicine, Veterans Affair Medical Center, U.S.A.2Division of Dermatology, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah3Department of Dermatology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A. If a certain course offers you so, there is no harm in taking it up. the most difficult CURE that I was able to accomplish was for chronic re-curring genital herpes which required round the clock day and night zapping before it was finally CURED!! Out the back of Moto bean cafe in Malmsbury VIC. While there has not been any scientific studies to date, other viral infections that are reputed by customers to be affected by the zapper are Colds and Flu,HIV and AIDS, Herpes ( mouth sores and genital sores ), and Hepatitis. Though I had been well versed in medical technology and pharmacology, a cursory survey of the effectiveness of conventional treatments showed that “modern medical science” was losing the war on cancer at an alarming rate (see the details: click here). Either the worlds greatest scientific minds, and thousands of successful case histories are wrong and it doesn’t work.or the American Medical Association (who has no success rate of which to speak) have it wrong, and intend keeping us in the dark.

A fourfold rise in IgG antibody may not occur in vaccinated persons. this herpes treatment does make a lot … In fact, sixty percent of all the people who have herpes simplex virus do not know they have it. I had my first telling experience two weeks ago and I wanted the guy to see my recent std tests results and he didn’t even want to see them. Bee propolis is an extremely safe antibacterial and antiviral that can be used anywhere on the body (except for the eyes) with one major exception: people who are allergic to bee pollen or who suffer from asthma should not use propolis, as it can cause an allergic reaction. You will encounters it and itch even more. Rabies transmission requires direct body fluid contact.

In order to get cancer, you must have both the parasite and propyl alcohol in your body [5:1-2]. This may cause a slight stinging or even burning reaction on the skin. I’m talking here about dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), an organic sulfur compound which was used only as an industrial solvent, that is, until its medical properties were discovered in 1963 by a research team headed by Stanley W. Insects broadcast between 1000 and 1500 KHz. The CDC has estimated that in the United States, on average during the 1990s, every year about 36,000 people died of seasonal flu-related causes. The treatment should be continued for a few days for long lasting results. Worked great on my cold – I felt better in less than a day and the remnant symptoms, like coughing and blowing my nose, lasted only about a week (they usually last between 3 and 5 weeks for me).