2007, Zeggini et al. Although I.P facility has not yet started but Yoga, Meditation and Prayers are a part of treatment available here. TREATMENTS : Blood test named HSV 1&2(IgG IgM) is done and further treatment is done to destroy the virus spread completely.After the HSV 1&2 test, if one is positive or both are positive, the patients are advised to undergo treatment and their reports are provided from the labs to which the patients are comfortable with. Siddha Hospital will take care of everything, from Herpes medicines to the family-like care. We hope you find the answers helpful, whether you think you may have herpes, have been diagnosed with it, or are just curious about it. The herpes virus can spread within and between people to other parts of the body that are already infected. Sometimes, the pain and associated discomfort is relieved just by drinking plain cold milk or barley water.

This test is sometimes not accurate as that of the viral culture at finding the cause of specific sore or an ulcer. It comes as no surprise that by the year 2014, Dr. Santhosh Selvam has been associated with the research in developing traditional siddha medicine ever since he joined his post-graduation in S.R.M. During this phase CD4 declination may progress at a rate of 60 cells/mm^3/year. Intake of all these six tastes at right proportion in our diet maintains the physiological homeostasis in our body. After the death of my father, I have been doing siddha medical service with established advanced technology. If these other effects are undesirable, they are known as adverse side effects.

After the death of my father, I have been doing siddha medical service with established advanced technology. Vyadhyutpadapratibandhakatwa- Capacity to prevent the onset of disease. How to prepare, way of measurement, An umanam and curing of all diseases. In two clinical trials, SNMC has been shown to significantly lower aspartate transaminase (AST), alanine transaminase (ALT), and gamma- glutamyltransferase (GGT) concentrations, while simultaneously ameliorating histologic evidence of necrosis and inflammatory lesions in the liver.25,32 In recent years, several studies have been performed supporting this action.10,11 Presently, interferon (IFN) therapy is a predominant treatment for chronic hepatitis. Each phase has its own set of symptoms. It will help to guarantee the coordinated and safe care. Azhal Peenisam Fever, reddening of nasal mucosa, increased thirst, nasal block, purulent mucous from nose, decreased smell sensation and mental instability.

• Include yellow and orange vegetables like carrot which have plenty of anti-oxidants. The medicines are prepared by well trained trainees using well equipped instruments. So to cure this kind of VDRL disease treatment is very important. This virus is transmitted through blood, semen and vaginal secretions of an HIV infected person. Dr. A balance of the three keeps you healthy, while an imba-lance is the cause of ailments. Dr.Thiru.A.Malaiappakon was preparing medicine.

The word ‘Siddha’ means achievement and the Siddha method of treatment was developed by 18 Siddhars or saintly teachers. The healing properties of amla also cures the oral ulcer. We are giving the Best solution to cure from Blood Cancer. A. It is always advisable to start with the protocol within the first two years to achieve best results in primary progressive and progressive relapsing sub-types treatment. If the powder of Fenugreek (வெந்தயம்) andabresprecaterius (Kundrimani /குன்றிமணி) is soaked in coconut oil and rubbed on scalp daily, hair fall stops. We are ready to offer further medical assistance which may be helpful.

These patients are advised to check their HBS Ag virus level in their known laboratories at least once in a month. The Siddha Hospital and Research Institute here was established in the year 1991, with a vision of providing effective and affordable medical aid to everyone. Moreover, he had cured many people by very rare medicine. HSV, 1 & 2 (IgG IgM) என்ற இரத்த பரிசோதனை செய்யப்படுகிறது மேலும் சிகிச்சை முற்றிலும் வைரஸ் பரவுவதை அழிக்க செய்யப்படுகிறது. And according to a community clinical study conducted by the AIDS research in Los Angeles it was found that curcumin was able to  reduce the p24 in seven days when taken in a dosage of 2.5 gm per day. A 42-year-old female patient with a Pittakaphalaprakruthi (constitution) developed skin rashes, soon after the application of Dashanga Lepa over the applied area, which disappeared after stopping the suspected drug and starting treatment with Shatadhauta ghritha. 11.

Some studies have shown that fenugreek is a stimulator of breast milk production and it can increase milk production three to four times. Fallopian tube damage or blockage Endometriosis Ovulation disorder Elevated prolactin Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS) Early menopause Benign uterine fibroids Pelvic adhesions, of other causes can lead to infertility. “It also helps to reduce body heat and reduce the severity of rashes and relieve itching,” Hack Peik added. And by eating less fibrous food which causes constipation leads to piles.